Aamer Nauman Qureshi


I decided to centralize all my content, the result of which you are reading now.

After completing my O and A levels from Sadiq Public School in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, I set off to obtain a Bachelor's in Journalism at Stony Brook University in New York. I then obtained a Master's in Media and Communications from Kingston University in London.

My main passion these days is audio equipment, specifically headphones and the audio chains needed to drive them efficiently. I started filming reviews of headphones in March of 2016, with my first one being of the ZMF Vibro Mk. I 

I wanted to contribute to the discussion of the headphones, of which there was only a single review on YouTube at the time. Seeing as I had a sizable and ever-changing collection at the time, I decided to continue.

One year later, both my channel and traffic to this site have grown - but my passion for discovering and reviewing new audio products has too. To the best of my ability, I promise to share my honest opinions with you, the viewer/reader, so that you can better navigate your way through the difficult choices of this expensive hobby.